Data Dictionary

The purpose of this page is to provide a simple data dictionary for the table so that members will maintain consistency as the table is updated.

(The following list is incomplete, please add to it as necessary)
— Votes should be listed as raw votes. If we need percentages, we can derive them later. The focus is to get raw data into the table.
— Names should be in the form Last, First
— All statewide data should appear in each row for a statewide SD.
— Possible SD Status values are Clinton, Obama, Undeclared and Does Not Appear
— For statewide delegates, please use one of the following types: SEO-Senate, SEO-Gov, DNC. If the SD is a former governor, speaker of the house, minority leader, majority leader, president or vice-president, please add their row directly under the SEOs. This is because these SDs may eventually be labelled as LEG (or legacy) and we would want them all grouped together on the table.

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