How To Update a Table

As of this writing, the best table on the site is California (great job LizbethMarie). While most of the tables are works in progress, the California table indicates what we are shooting for.

Here is what LizbethMarie has done in that table.

1.) Entered the vote totals by congressional district and at the statewide level.

2.) Created a separate row for each California Super Delegate who is not a member of the House of Representatives and indicated the type of SD they are in the District column (either SEO-Senate, SEO-Gov or DNC). We may have one more 'type' defined soon but for now these are the three main types.

3) Indicated the status for each SD. The statuses are:

  • Clinton - SD has indicated that she/he will support Senator Clinton at the convention
  • Obama - SD has indicated that she/he will support Senator Obama at the convention
  • Undeclared - SD has not indicated a preference for the nomination
  • Does not appear - Information on the SD's status is not available at DemConWatch and can't be found elsewhere

4) Color-coded SD names to indicate whether or not their status is in alignment with their constituency. Green indicates that the SDs commitment status is in alignment with the preference of their constituency.

There are (again, as of this writing) remaining work items for the California table and these include
1) Entering Pledged delegate counts by congressional district
2) Entering statewide pledged delegate counts
3) Summarizing the date

All the tables will be works in progress. But if you are looking for a good target. Please have a look at the California table.

We have sandbox tables set up at the end of this page. So you can practice editing tables there if you like.

If you are looking for the actual data that you need to update a table, start at our resources page.

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