To Do

The project is broken up into phases. The purpose of the phasing is to maintain as much order as possible for a collaborative effort such as this and to preserve the integrity of the data as the project goes forward.

Allowing too many portions of the data to be editied simultaneously risks confusion. This project is a journey. We hope to have this resource complete shortly after the last primaries. But in order to do so we will need to proceed methodically and with purpose.

The initial two phases are sequential and should be done in order. They should be completed before work from the 'ongoing' phase or phase III begin. After the second phase is complete, phase III and the 'ongoing' phase can be initiated. These are independent efforts and can be done in parallel.

Because this is a flat-file some of the data-relationships are poorly managed. Right now, the emphasis is on providing a central location where the data can be collected and stored. We may redesign the table soon, but the primary need right now is to start pulling the raw data together,

The data is organized down to the congressional district level. Again, this can be a little awkward with statewide officials (either Senators, Governors or party officials) because they don't have a distict. In these cases, their district is given as either 'Senate', 'Governor' or 'Statewide'.

If you have suggestions for how to better organize the site or the data, we'd love to hear them.

(When you complete a task mark it as completed on this list by simply putting "(DONE)" at the end of the line item.)

Phase I

1.) Complete Structure Build Out
— Add National section at the end of the table to account for the at-large delegates
— Where necessary, add rows for sitting governors and senators (as has already been done for senators in some states.
— Add other SDs to the list
The following site appears to have a comprehensive list of SDs with existing commitments. Here are two different links

Note that sitting members of either house of Congress and sitting Governors are already accounted for and do not need a new row.

— Add Governor slots where appropriate. I should have done this when I inserted the Senate rows (oops).

— Insert names of all 49 Democrats in the Senate into the appropriate spots on the table.

— Update all names on the table to the following formate Last, First

Phase II

— For all states where the primary is complete insert statewide vote tallies (this should be done for every row for a statewide delegate.

Phase III

— Work through all completed primaries to determine results by Congressional district and enter results on table

Ongoing Through Last Primary

— As state primaries are completed update both statewide and congressional district totals.
— For any district either statewide or congressional where the vote total is listed, update the commitment status of associated Super Delegates. To indicate the commitment status of a delegate, simply place a the digit one (1) in the appropriate cell in the table. For instance, if a delegate is committed to Obama, a 1 should be placed in the 'Committed - Obama' column on that delegates row. Similarly, the digit zero (0) should be place din the 'Committed - Clinton' column and the 'Uncommitted' column.
— Update the color of the name of any committed delegates — red if the delegate is committed to a candidate who did not receive a plurality in that delegates district and green if the candidate committed to did receive a plurality. The names of delegates who have not yet committed should remain black (or be changed back to black if appropriate).
— Conduct regular data checks to ensure that delegate commitment statuses are accurate.

Wrap Up and Summary

— After the last primary we will need a push to understand the disposition of all Super-Delegates (committed or not committed) and a general completion of the table.
— Once the table is complete we will be able to measure the impact of the SDs. (Did they tip the election, what percentage of the SDs voted against their constituency.) The specifics of the meta-data are not fully known yet and we are open to suggestions.

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